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Couple Rings Set - Which Hand is the right one?

The choice of the hand to wear the engagement ring is totally yours

The wedding proposal has been crafted until the very last detail, and the perfect engagement ring has been picked - there is only one question left to answer what hand should the engagement ring be placed on? The first step is to need to understand how the custom of the engagement ring came into existence in the first place.

What is the reason that the tradition of engagement ring still in use?

The engagement ring used to be worn as a token for the promise to marry in the near future. This tradition has its roots in the purchase of bridesmaids: in the past, bachelors would go in search of a bride, hoping to find the ideal woman for them. When they did find her, they would negotiate a dowry to the wedding to be held with her father. This custom has been preserved in the United States and the person who proposes marriage to their partner places an engagement ring around their finger.

Where do you want to wear your engagement ring?

In the United States it is customary to put the engagement ring on ring finger left hand. It is a tradition to keep it there until the wedding ceremony. It is believed that the ring is the connection between the partner's hand and her heart. It is possible to remember this saying"Left is good, right is bad, if you don't want to forget it in the excitement around the engagement. The engagement ring traditionally is placed on the left of the finger that holds the ring. But where did this custom originate from?

Why is it that the band is typically worn on the right side?

The reason that we, and other nations wear the engagement ring on the finger of the left hand is suspected to have been around for a long time in the past. Greeks who had engagement rings on their left finger as a symbol of marriage and commitment wore them there. They believed that a vein called the "Vena Amoris" was a vein that ran from this finger towards the heart.

And last but not least the ancient Egyptians and the Romans also attached great importance to the ring finger on the left hand and used it to place on the engagement ring.

Modernity or tradition? Who buys engagement rings?

In many relationships in many relationships, the man is the one who is brave enough to propose. As a result, they usually purchase engagement rings. It is possible that the bride will propose first, and have the matching rings made. Some couples decide to marry together and then choose the rings together. Everyone is free to express their individuality in the design of the engagement ring as well as the selection. But what happens if the man also desires to wear an engagement ring on his hand?

Do men wear engagement ring?

The person who is planning to propose typically purchases rings for their partner. However, everyone is free to do what they want here Some men also wish to wear a symbol of their engagement and purchase a ring for men themselves as well. Women who plan to propose to their loved ones often do not want to be without the symbolic piece. In the past, it was common for couples to buy a pair of matching engagement rings. The rings were removed shortly before the wedding, and put back on the altar during the wedding ceremony - now on the other hand, as a wedding ring. You are at your own decision whether you'd like to purchase just one engagement ring - or whether you would like a piece of jewelry for each of you.

Where do you wear your wedding traditional ring?

In the process of forming an engagement couples will ask themselves: Which side will you wear your wedding ring? In Germany it is typical to wear the wedding ring on the right hand. This tradition is rooted in the Bible is very important for Catholics. In the Bible, more precisely in Exodus 15:6, it is stated that the right hand is the right hand. In strict Catholicism the left hand is seen as unclean. In addition, this categorization is also often found in the German language. Everybody has heard the phrase "Everything is legal". The wedding ring traditionally placed on the ring-finger of the right hand. What happens to engagement rings when the wedding ends? After all, it's an item of jewellery that has acquired emotional significance for its wearer throughout the time between the wedding and engagement.

What happens to an engagement ring after an engaged couple weds?

Many women feel the same way wearing the beautiful engagement ring for many months or even years before the wedding, get used to it and build a bond with the piece of jewelry. This leads to the desire to wear the engagement ring after marriage and after wearing the wedding ring. What is the most effective method to achieve this? If you or your partner would like to wear the engagement ring for a lifetime you have several options.

What are alternatives to wearing both rings at the same time?

If the engagement ring looks visually compatible with the wedding ring, you can leave both on your finger. This is fine if it makes you comfortable. So you continue to wear the engagement ring on the left and the wedding ring on the right.

You can also swap fingers. Many people put the engagement rings on the middle finger of their right hand after the wedding.

There is also the option of continuing to wear the engagement band as a necklace. This option is perfect for those who do not want to keep the engagement ring collecting dust in a drawer, but is concerned that having two rings on one hand is just too excessive.

It is also traditional to wear the engagement ring in the form of a ring: This goes to the ring finger on the right hand, and is worn prior to the wedding ring.

If you're comfortable wearing both rings, and they can be worn together, then you can. It is best to select wedding bands and engagement rings simultaneously if you know this information before the engagement. Be sure to match them in terms of color, shape and material. This will create a harmonious picture. Contact our support for more information.

Engagement ring: Which side is favored in other countries?

The reason behind why the ring is worn in this country and in other countries is not well-known. This is probably why the style of wearing differs from country to country.

In general, couples from Mediterranean countries usually wear their wedding rings on their left hand. This is the norm for instance in France, Switzerland or Portugal. The more north you go the more likely that the right hand will be chosen for the wedding band.

In Germany, the right hand, as described above, is the traditional wedding ring-hand. But

Is this decision mandatory or a choice? You can choose the way you'd like to portray your marriage.

No obligations

There is no requirement to wear your wedding ring on the hand that is weaker. Perhaps, like many other couples these days you'd prefer to wear the ring on the hand that is weaker. The ring won't get worn out as quickly. It is also not a problem for you if you are not familiar with wearing a ring. The ring is a representation of your love and it's that's all that matters. Whatever you decide to do: the wedding ring is a valid item on any hand and serves its purpose.

Does it matter if are left-handed or right?

You may also decide to place the ring on the hand that is weaker, i.e. You can put your band on the hand you use less. If you're left-handed it could be your right hand.

The choice of which hand to wear your engagement ring is entirely up you

There are a few uncertainties concerning the engagement ring you may be faced with when planning your engagement and putting it on your right hand is no longer one of the most important. You decide whether to stick with the traditional approach and wear the engagement ring on your left hand, or whether you feel more comfortable with a different style. You now have a palette full of innovative ideas for the question of what happens to the ring after the wedding.

We're glad to help you find the perfect wedding ring to give your future partner. In our online store, you will find an attractive selection of different ring models made from different materials and in different colors. We also can help you in determining the ideal ring size. Would you like to have an engraving for your wedding or engagement rings? This is also possible with us in high quality and without long wait. Last but not least our team of experts at JC Wedding Rings is always willing to answer any questions you may have about wedding bands and engagement rings.


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