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14th April 2021 - Mixlr

Respected Parents and Madrasah Students,

During the last few years, Masjids all over the country have discovered a very effective mode of transmission for their programmes.

The system is called ‘Mixlr’ which is widely used, not only by Muslims but also by people of other faiths. Although the facility is costly for the broadcasters, the listeners and account holders can use it absolutely free of charge.

With the Mixlr account, one can listen to as many transmissions available on the system from all around the world, without being charged a single penny.

Alhamdulillah, there are many spiritual and educational Islamic transmissions available on the system from the UK too.

All praise be to Allah, our institution Masjid-e-Umar/ YMA also have a channel available on Mixlr.

We strongly feel that families can benefit immensely, especially in the month of Ramadhan by downloading the app, creating an account and using this facility.

Our Masjid-e-Umar and YMA transmission is available for all five salats, Jum’ah, Taraweeh, our special spiritual Majlis after Fajr and between Asr and Magrib..

We kindly exhort all families to join us at least in the Majlis between Asr and Maghrib, in order to enjoy a highly spiritual family environment at home. We have already spoken in detail to our Madrasah children about the facility and have asked them to make accounts.

Please find further details on how to make an account below:

How to Create a Mixlr Account:-

  1. visit this link

  2. Click on ‘sign up’

  3. Choose a username. You can use your class number and initials

  4. Enter your email address and a password/ or your parents email, if you don’t have one.

  5. Mixlr will send an activation code to the email. Enter that code and your account is now set up. You are now ready to listen to all availabile transmissions from all around the world.

  6. In order to listen to us, type in ‘masjid umar’ in the search box and then ‘follow’ us so that you can easily find in future. Please login between Asr and Maghrib.

  7. You can also download the app on your device at:- and then sign in with your account.

Please note, Taraweeh, Jum’ah and the madrasah assemblies are broadcasted from the YMA Mixlr channel. All the rest of the Salats, the fajr and Asr/Maghrib majlis are broadcasted from Masjid Umar channel. Please switch accordingly.

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