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Change in madrasah time for Sha’baan

❗️ *Urgent Message-Change in madrasah time* ❗️

As we will be encountering the auspicious days of Sha’baan, we have been encouraging the children to fast over the next 3 days on *Wednesday 16th March*, *Thursday 17th March* and *Friday 18th March*.

For this reason, madrasah for all children from class 1 onwards will run from 5pm till after maghrib (approximately 6:35pm) this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so that children can go home for their iftaar.

_The children have been asked to bring in their morning and evening Dua books. Please ensure they bring them in as this will be part of their madrasah work for the next three days._

Children should be picked up promptly on time.

‎جزاك الله