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*Dear Reader,*

Al Furqaan Welfare Trust is a charity organisation running in *Tanzania & Zanzibar* 🇹🇿 under the close supervision of its founder, *Imaam Shuaib Desai*, who serves as an Imaam at Masjid Umar in Sheffield, UK. The charity is registered both in the UK and in Tanzania.

The charity has been working exclusively for the past 10 years to safeguard and promote Islam whilst relieving financial and educational poverty by running the following projects:

✅ Boy’s Orphanages & Residential Madrasahs, one in mainland Tanzania and one in Zanzibar. *(Zakaat & Lillah both acceptable in this project)*

✅ Construction of Masaajid. *(Lillah Only)*

✅ Financial support for local Madrasahs. *(Both Zakaat & Lillah)*

✅ Women Empowerment Project - Weekly Islamic lessons for disadvantaged women with a cash incentive for attendance. *(Both Zakaat & Lillah)*

✅ Widows Support Project - Monthly financial support for widowed women and their families. *(Both Zakaat & Lillah)*

📹 A video update of Imaam Shuaib’s *most recent visit* to our residential orphanges and madrasahs can be seen below:

📹 *Other videos* of Al-Furqaan’s work can be seen on our *YouTube channel:*

Al-Furqaan would like to invite readers to donate their Zakaat and Lillah contributions to these worthy projects. *(Please see what funds are acceptable in the brackets for each project above.)*

Donations can be made via *Bank Transfer* *OR* by *Cash*.

🏦 *Bank Account Details:*

*Zakaat Account*

Account Name: Al Furqaan Welfare Trust

Account No: 50309672

*Lillah Account*

Account Name: Al Furqaan Welfare Trust

Account No: 80947814

*All accounts with Barclays Bank*

*Sort Code: 20-76-89*

*(Note - The cost of sponsoring an orphan is £250 per year. Zakaat donations are acceptable for this)*

💰*Cash Donations:*

*Sheffield* - *Shah Saab* or *Sajid Bhai* at Masjid Umar, 306 Barnsley Road, S5 7AD.

☎️ Contact: 07549345909

*Preston* - *Haji Yakub Bhai Bux*

☎️ Contact: 07866455383

📲 *Please share* this appeal with your contacts to increase your reward.

JazakAllah Khair

*On Behalf of Al-Furqaan Welfare Trust*

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