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Father Meeting March 2022


Respected fathers,

We would like to thank you for your attendance in today’s fathers meeting. We pray you found the meeting beneficial.

For the fathers who failed to attend today’s meeting, as mentioned previously, you are advised not to send your child from tomorrow.

In-line with our policy, you are now required to either:-

1. Join our once a week ‘Free Qur’ān Class’.

2. Alternatively make a contribution of £50.00 to the masjid.

If you decide to attend the weekly Qur’ān Class, then kindly get in touch with Maulana Shuaib on: 07878663330 before *5pm Monday 28th March* to confirm your place.

However if for any reason, joining the Qur’ān Class isn’t a possibility then kindly enclose a contribution of £50 in an envelope, clearly marked with your family registration number and your child/ren name and class number. *Once this payment is made, your child can resume attending the Madrasah.*

The only people who will be excused are those who are visiting their native country abroad. In order to obtain authorisation, please send proof of travel such as an e-ticket to this number.

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