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Fathers Meeting Reminder

This is a final reminder about the upcoming Fathers Meeting at YMA Madrasah, Sheffield.

It will take place tomorrow, *Sunday 11th September,* at YMA in the main prayer hall through Gates Number 1 and 5.

Registration time: 1pm

Dhuhr Salat: 1:30pm

Meeting starts at around 1:45pm

Meeting ends no later than 3:45pm

Please note, failure to attend the meeting will incur a £50 penalty which has to be paid upfront on Monday 12th September. Failure to attend the meeting/ pay the fine will result in temporary exclusion of your child/ren from Monday 12th September till the matter has been resolved.

-Fathers who arrive late or leave early will be charged in accordance to the amount of time missed.

- All fathers are kindly requested to dress in Islamic attire.

_We appreciate your cooperation in this matter._