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Happyml: A Chatbot Customized to your Business

With the rising inflation around the globe, businesses across every sector are struggling with higher operational expenses and narrower profits. This financial pressure forces businesses to look at avenues to cut down on costs and automate tasks. By integrating an AI Chatbot like Happyml into your website, web application, emails​, WhatsApp, or any other messenger app, you can automate common operational tasks and reduce manual labor costs. 

Happyml helps you to enhance your operational efficiency and net profits - which provides a significant boost to your business during such a financial crunch. 


How can Happyml Assist your Business?

Here are a few ways you can use Happyml for your business:

·        Customer Service

Happyml provides 24/7 support to customers, thus reducing wait times and enabling immediate responses. 

·        Support Center

Happyml can automate routine inquiries and let your staff focus on more complex issues. 

·        Internal Help Desk

AI can be deployed internally as a help desk for your employees to have immediate access to crucial information without manager intervention. 

·        Human Resources

Happyml can aid HR departments by answering questions regarding organizational policies, holidays, PTO, and other important information.

·        Compliance

Chatbots can also be fed with compliance documents to ensure the company is aligned with crucial industry guidelines.

·        Sales Assistant

Happyml can also act like your sales assistant and provide pricing details, and product recommendations, and enhance the overall shopping experience of your customers.

Start a Free Trial

Train unlimited bots on your business information and deploy them across platforms to automate and streamline operational tasks. Start your Happyml free trial today.


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