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Al Furqaan Welfare Trust is a charity registered in the UK (charity reg. 1134327) and in Tanzania. It is run predominantly through charitable donations collected by the congregation of Yorkshire Muslim Academy.

Our main project in Tanzania is the running of an Orphanage for several years now in a village named Kissongo which is just outside Arusha, Tanzania. The orphanage is known as Tanzania Orphan Centre.

Al Furqaan also works to promote educational opportunities and to relieve poverty wherever possible in Tanzania. To this date Al- Furqaan has financially supported many local schools in Tanzania, has provided financial support to orphans and widows and has provided employment opportunities to locals.

Our current project is to construct a second orphanage based in Zanzibar (an island off Tanzania) This new orphanage will be known as Zanzibar Girls Orphan Centre once fully constructed and will be based in Dunga, Zanzibar.

Videos of our charity work can be seen below:

Donations can be made to Al Furqaan Welfare Trust via bank transfer using the details below. Al Furqaan has separate accounts for different types of donations as outlined below. All accounts are with Barclays Bank.


Account Name: Zakat

Account No: 50309672

Sort Code: 20 76 89


Account Name: Lillah

Account No: 80947814

Sort Code: 20 76 89


Account Name: Orphan Sponsorship

Account No: 10714631

Sort Code: 20 76 89


Account Name: The Friday Meal Account

Account No: 50702439

Sort Code: 20 76 89