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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

LabStats is a quintessential tracking asset for higher educational institutions to manage and track software usage across campus. Our fully engineered computer lab license management tool boosts your knowledge consumption and student productivity while cutting down on unnecessary IT costs.

With LabStats, you can optimize your software inventory, extend the usage limit of your licenses, monitor and generate reports for all software being used across your campus, and share digestible reports inter-department.

You can identify the most used and least used software on your campus. Using this data, you can cut down your IT spending by 15% and allocate it for student and staff benefits.

What can you do with our Computer Lab License Management Tool?

The lab manager can monitor usage and classify software based on usage from a single dashboard. You can:

·        Buy on-demand licenses at the right time

·        Provide your students with the resources they need

·        Utilize the most out of your current software licenses

·        Eliminate purchasing unnecessary software

·        Ensure compliance with software licenses

·        Reduce license infringements

Start a Free Trial Today

Data and information are vital for every business. Get all the software and hardware usage insights across campus and provide resources to the students they need the most to succeed. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to to schedule a walkthrough or a free trial today.

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