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Are Cheap Bike Helmets OK?

Bicycle helmets greatly vary in price. It's possible to get a helmet that costs less than $100 and others for $300 or even $1000. So that brings us to the question, are cheap bike helmets good? 

The short answer is yes and no. 

You can find a cheap helmet that matches your RIDING style and does its job effectively at Helmet Gurus. But there are also cheap helmets in the market that feel horrible and perform dismally.  

Let me explain more deeply.

What Makes a Good Bike Helmet?

The primary aim of wearing a helmet is for protection. Other reasons are subsidiaries. So, at the least, a good helmet should have the following qualities:

  • At least certified by safety authorities such as DOT, ECE, SNELL, or a reputable body in your country. 

  • Have a shape and size that corresponds to your head. Otherwise, it won’t fit on your head properly and so, fail its purpose.

  • Feel comfortable for long and short rides. Or else you will find it unbearable to wear and remove it after a few minutes. 

So even when choosing the best modular motorcycle helmet on helmetgurus, at least it must satisfy those conditions. 

Then why do the prices of helmets vary greatly? Keep reading.

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Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Helmets

When a helmet is certified by a reputable body, it means it's safe for road use, regardless of its price. In most cases (not always though) the price difference does not guarantee better safety but other features:

  • Most expensive helmets feel light so don’t strain even on long rides. Cheap helmets often feel heavy. The difference comes from the choice of helmet material.

  • Expensive brands invest more in better ventilation systems but cheap brands may provide just the minimum vents.

  • High-end helmets come in numerous sizes and make it easy for a motorcyclist to get his snug fit. Cheap brands offer limited sizes for universal fitness.

  • Premium helmets provide better adjustability and use reliable materials; screws and fasteners. 

Some companies also indulge in deep research to improve the look, safety, and comfort of their helmets. And eventually, the cost is passed over to the consumer. 

Still, some expensive helmets employ advanced technologies that seem to provide better protection than cheap models. Good examples are helmets employing the MIPS system and in-mold construction technologies.

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Should I Buy Cheap Helmets?

The question of whether to buy cheap helmets or not is subjective. It depends on individuals’ priorities, riding style, and taste.

You can get a previous year’s helmet that’s reliable at an affordable price. Just the fact that it’s not in fashion doesn’t make it less reliable. 

Also, for an ordinary riding style (forget about risky rides on motocross or MTB rides), if you look deep, you can find a reliable helmet at an affordable price. 

Moreover, if you are only an occasional rider, you don’t need a helmet that costs over$1000, you can get by with the standard helmet that is DOT or ECE certified. But at all costs, don’t settle for a cheap bike helmet that’s not certified by a reputable body, is worn out, or ill-fitting. 

If in doubt or still undecided, get ideas from the best modular motorcycle helmet reviews on helmet gurus. 


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