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Optimize Your Book Launch Planning

Releasing a book and becoming a published author is a milestone and one you want to optimize for the best and most lucrative results. Therefore, planning every aspect is vital, and don't forget book fulfillment for your online orders. Part of successful marketing involves getting your book into the hands of target readers. They'll review you and spread the word to friends and family who enjoy books in your genre. Marketing campaigns that work the best typically have multiple elements that reach target readers. The more someone hears, the more likely they will become interested and buy your book.

Timing matters, and adding a schedule to your marketing plan helps. The most important time is as you launch your book. Whether you're promoting it online or going after media coverage, its publication is a newsworthy event. When you plug your book on social media, do it creatively and in ways that make people curious. Overselling or pushing people to buy copies never works, as well as a more indirect approach that sparks interest and curiosity. Ideally, you build a social media following long before releasing your book. It's helpful when you have fans and followers who are interested and loyal.

Another exciting way to generate publicity is to become a media contributor. The most common way is to contribute articles to news websites and blogs where your expertise matters. It becomes a book PR opportunity when you add your info to the writer's biography. People most interested in the article will check to learn more about you. They may order or download a copy after hearing you've written a book. Finding creative ways to reach your target audience is helpful because the marketplace is extra competitive today. On the flip side, book sales are strong, so opportunities do exist.

Some authors plan their book launches from when they begin writing, but you can wait longer as long as you plan several months before publication. It takes time to cultivate media opportunities if you plan a PR campaign, and working ahead rather than at the last minute brings better results. Expect the campaign to be a dynamic process you'll adjust to once it's underway. Some things will work better than others, and you want to deploy your resources. Author branding is also a potential benefit of a PR campaign as you raise your visibility. You'll build a unique brand about you.


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